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We grow DTC brands through a combination of digital strategy and high-performing ad creatives. 

We partner with digital marketing teams, founders and agencies to develop creative + performance marketing strategies that drive sales, conversions, subscriptions or leads across paid social platforms. 

What we do

Platforms we support

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
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  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
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Platforms we support

Over 56% of sales lift on digital campaigns comes from ad creative.

Creative is the king. 

Why Huddle Upp?

Unlike ad agencies, we approach your digital advertising as a whole. We develop strategies for the creatives and the paid campaigns that amplify them.


We build ideas that scale and help you implement Generative AI tools to automate your creative process.


You gain access to replicable and proven strategies for building high-quality ad creatives across digital platforms, empowering you to become creatively independent!


Drive Performance on always-on digital campaigns.

Discover new ideas to re-achieve past performance and prevent creative fatigue.

Explore new products, platforms and tools to unlock growth.

Train and mentor your teams on proven creative marketing strategies. 

Implement Generative AI tools to automate creative production. 

How can we help?

Ahmet spent nearly a decade at Meta and developed some of the most fundamental performance-focused creative strategy solutions in Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions, which are adopted by thousands of global advertisers today.


Now, through huddle upp, his goal is to make these proven solutions accessible to every business and democratise strategic creativity.

Meet Ahmet

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Ahmet Ugur Yilmaz

Founder & Consultant at Huddle Upp

“Huddle Upp's holistic approach to paid social advertising, spearheaded by Ahmet's nearly decade-long expertise from Meta, bridged the gap between our performance and creative teams. 
The outcomes were outstanding – reduced costs per result, near-perfect creative integrity, and innovative strategies that led to us producing creatives that distinguished our skincare brand in the market. We've seen growth opportunities and expansion within our business, all thanks to Huddle Upp's invaluable support."

Paul V. Rivera, Co-founder and COO, Remedy Skin Solutions

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Together, we design a customised and flexible journey of sessions based on your digital advertising needs. 

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